More than
a technology

It enables us to bring virtual objects into the real-life environment and can enrich it with extra information. This powerful technology will be used to provide the user (person in charge of crisis management and response) with an intuitive and visually appealing AR holographic map. The map will be enriched with information regarding terrain conditions, human and vehicle/drone assets (land, water, and air) as well as other relevant information for disaster management.

The holographic map will shorten the observation and decision-making loop while allowing operators to create information and share it with other decision-making entities that can be kilometers away, this will also contribute to the command team's availability and readiness by joining them in a virtual crisis room. The system is planned to be portable, lightweight, ergonomic and can be installed very quickly.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality
Be everywhereOne of the biggest benefits of AR is its ability to give you a realistic image of any place without moving from the office.
Share the experienceCollaborate in AR, include operational units or decision-making entities and set up a meeting in an instant.
Merge real and virtualPlace your results in the real world, overlay real terrain with complex holographic objects and obtain 3D terrain models.