The OVERWATCH team is working together to deliver he best solution
tthat will support emergency and crisis management for wildfires
and floods. Check out our latest activities towards this goal.

Promotional materials

Materials that have been realized to have a widespread impact on the scientific community, crisis managers and other stakeholders of the sector.

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Our consortium is performing collaborative and networking activities with European Research and Technological Development initiatives In this section you will find our liaisons and partners.

SIRESP Bootcamp From 29 to 31 March OVERWATCH team attended the SIRESP bootcamp. The event was a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the field and learn about the latest advancements in public safety and emergency response technology.


This area includes the collection of the OVERWATCH past newsletters.

Issue 1 (April 23)


This section presents ongoing EU and international projects cooperating which OVERWATCH.

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